The semi-digital hadronic calorimeter (SDHCAL) for future leptonic colliders

May 18, 2016, 2:45 PM
8h 15m



Mr Antoine PINGAULT (UGent)


The first technological SDHCAL prototype having been successfully tested, a new phase of R&D, to validate completely the SDHCAL option for the International Linear Detector (ILD) project of the ILC, has started with the conception and the realization of a new prototype. The new one is intended to host few but large active layers of the future SDHCAL. The new active layers, made of GRPC with sizes larger than 2 m2 will be equipped with a new version of the electronic readout fulfilling the requirements of the future ILD detector. The new GRPC are conceived to improve the homogeneity with a new gas distribution scheme. Finally the mechanical structure will use the electron beam welding. The progress realized will be presented and future steps will be discussed.

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